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Smartdesk harnesses human psychology and delivers campaigns using a JavaScript platform that segments traffic and dynamises user experience.

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Learn how Smartdesk helps your business:

Email addresses collection

Collect more email addresses, more precisely.

Our campaigns will display email collection forms targeting the profile of your traffic and their attitude on site. You'll build highly segmented mailing lists.

Capture emails in a smarter way
Raise conversion rate

Leverage promotions to increase your sales.

Our campaigns may take the form of beautiful modals and notifications promoting discounts or features, adjusted to the user's profile or behaviour.

Generate more sales today
Track interactions with your site or app

Segment your A/B tests and track with precision.

Our campaigns will ensure only targeted traffic receives your A/B tests and tracked data points. It will let you focus on the herds that matter most.

Redefine your frontend optimization
Record feedback

Record feedback and track user satisfaction (NPS).

Our campaigns can help you display bars and other elements to record feedback or NPS heuristically.

Better understand your users
Increase free signups and trials

Increase signups and customize on-boarding.

Our campaigns will show contextually adjusted modals and notifications that point out to your signup process or promote your free trial plan.

Being acquiring many more users
Provide guides

Improve user experience with interactive guides.

Our campaigns will let you deploy interactive guides inside your app or site to highlight functions depending on the attitude of users across them.

Teach people to better use your site
Communicate with users

Notify users and communicate with them.

Our campaigns will allow you to send targeted messages to your users. They may also promote contact details and other things to segmented traffic.

Interact in a better way with your users
Get rid of FAQ

Get rid of FAQ and lower support demand.

Our campaigns may suggest knowledgebase articles to your traffic based on their actions or profile, or record issues to suggest the writing of new articles.

Improve your customer service

How much does it cost?

On demand & autopilot. No subscription.

With a free audit, transparent upfront costs and cheap usage pricing, Smartdesk keeps your money tight and needs zero effort.


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Free audit to identify your objectives.


Step 2

10 key campaigns with great assets to improve your KPIs.

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Step 3

Run the campaigns & use the platform.


per 1'000 pageviews


Fixed price

per extra campaign

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Tracking & Third-party

Integrate with anything

Integrate anything with Smartdesk.

You can collect email addresses directly into Salesforce or Mailchimp. You can track clicks and conversions with Mixpanel, as well as do A/Bs with Optimizely. You can show messages from Intercom and others. And your existing KPIs remain the same.

Who is behind Smartdesk?

It's time to work with the finest.

Smartdesk is the fruit of a decade-long collaboration between experts in web development and digital marketing. We are based across Europe and Asia. We are on a mission to help companies turn their digital interfaces into interactive experiences.

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